Native articles included a three tier offering of premium, standard and advertorial branded content.

Here is a sneak peak video at some of the Native campaigns showcased as a part of the..
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Projects managed at

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* access other articles in campaign by ‘more in this series’ at the bottom of each article


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Singapore tourism

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Sekisui House

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Integrated sale products

Some integrated products produced included:

  • Bespoke interactive modules, sponsored content modules, shoppable catalogues, polls, editorial features and various quiz builds

Wellness quizScreen Shot 2018-06-30 at 4.58.23 PM

Product projects

  • Adhesive video on article pages, to increase viewability on in article ads. To achieve this we implemented the adhesive video to appear in the right hand column on scroll on article pages
  • Article and Simple index page refresh across all sites
  • Adhesive leaderboard across all sites: top leaderboard logic will scroll down the page to disappear at half way
  • AB testing on polar drivers


My remit also included travel to Brisbane to train the Sales Integration and Production teams on the News Native products and processes:

  • 2 hour presentation to team of 9 on native products on offer, business rules and summary of process
  • Training one-on-one with sales integration on timelines
  • Half-day training with team of four producers and designers on building in DECK and WordPress
  • On going support to ensure team were able to execute critical paths and advice on issues faced while producing native articles